When I was in school for my B.S. Comp. Sci., I was given the nickname Howdy. (Convenient: you can say my nickname and “hi” all in one word -) ) I always seemed to have a theory about something. The many theories became known as “Howdy’s Theories.”

 I am happily married and have a young son. I have a B.S., Computer Science and am a software developer. I am currently in Seminary, but it is sloooooow. I work full time in order to pay the bills and not to descend any deeper into debt than necessary. I am between 1/3 and 1/2 complete with my M.Div. I desire to preach (but probably not as senior pastor), teach (small groups and classes). I am also interested in addiction recovery counseling and perhaps marital counseling – but not day-to-day counseling as a career.

About Bobby Orr: He played hockey with all of his heart. He was a defenseman that ran both ends of the ice and could score. When I play, I am a defenseman that can barely control one end of the ice! Anybody that does what they do with heart and passion inspires others to be better. Bobby Orr had that kind of effect on people. I hope to inspire people around me to be better.

You may reach me at howdystheories@gmail.com.


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  1. brenda yoder on

    Hey there Howdy! Great to have another blogger in class! I look forward to reading your posts – you have been doing it for quite a while! I enjoy your views in class!

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