Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting…

Monks hitting, kicking each other, drawing blood. It’s very, very sad. But also just a little amusing. And just a little intriguing. I didn’t know these stories – the ladder that hasn’t been moved since before 1852, the fact that two Muslim families have kept the key to the door since 1192 (something I either should have learned in school or did learn and forgot – either way…) they open it each morning and close it each night. Brawling has broken out over who has the rights to clean which step and over a door that was left open during a ceremony. Another: “On a hot summer day in 2002, the Coptic monk who is stationed on the roof to express Coptic claims to the Ethiopian territory there moved his chair from its agreed spot into the shade. This was interpreted as a hostile move by the Ethiopians, and eleven were hospitalized after the resulting fracas.” Oh my.




The church, the status quo agreement:




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