“Walk” in Romans

I am looking for connections between NT passages on subjects that stem from Eph 4:1. The first word study is on “walk.” Walking as a metaphor is used repeatedly in the NT. Today I look at Romans.

  • Romans
    • 6:4 We are buried with Christ; just like he was raised from the dead so we too can live (walk) a new life
    • 8:4 we walk according to the Spirit, not according to the flesh
    • 13:13 live (walk) decently and in the daytime – as opposed to being drunk, immoral, sensual, discordant, jealous
    • 14:15 live (walk) in love – context: making choices that in turn are damaging to a Christian brother or sister

Things our walk does involve:

  • Based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • “According to the Spirit”
  • decent
  • in the daytime
    • open, not hidden, in the light, honest
    • it says we are now in the night but the day is near
  • “weapons of light”
  • our choices are made in love for others – we love others enough to put them first and make choices that help rather than hinder them
  • lay aside “works of darkness,” put on Jesus Christ

Things our walk does not involve:

  • “according to the flesh”
  • substance abuse
  • abuse of sex
  • quarrelling
  • fighting
  • Jealousy (the same word can refer to being zealous – there is a good zeal and a bad zeal)

Metaphors and terms to notice: lay aside, put on, walk, flesh, Spirit

Also interesting to note – the comment in vv8-10 that all the commandments are summed up in this: love your neighbor as yourself. Humorous that he says, “if there is any other commandment…”

It seems that chapter 14 might be somewhat of a case study of “love your neighbor as yourself.” You might be strong and have more faith, but don’t hurt the other guy over your own freedom.

Zhubert word study:


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