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“Walk” in Romans

I am looking for connections between NT passages on subjects that stem from Eph 4:1. The first word study is on “walk.” Walking as a metaphor is used repeatedly in the NT. Today I look at Romans.

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Eph 4:1 Walk

<Note: this post is a work in progress>

I am doing a sort of word study through a “put on, take off” passage, taking important words and finding other places they are used and what the context refers to there. Not every meaning or nuance applies to every usage – in other words, just because another passage uses a word in a certain context or with a certain meaning does not mean that the context or meaning applies here. The reason I am doing this is simply to look for connections and see how various passages might interact with each other. Continue reading


Following is a personal response to Chrysalis by Alan Jamieson. It has taken me forever to post this:

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It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I have a bad birthday habit: negative navel-gazing. But there is so much to be thankful for, so many blessings. Family, job, school, church, friends. We are blessed with some very good relationships. If my life were to end today, I have to be honest and say I would be very disappointed that I didn’t do more to justify my existence. However, God chose me and he loves me. His grace covers me. It isn’t up to me to make myself significant. It is up to me to keep in step with the Spirit and serve other people around me as much as possible. If I do that, it will have been a life well-lived.

Birthday resolution: Be thankful today!