Boys Should Play with Fire

There is benefit to a dad doing some dangerous things with his boys. My nine-year-old son’s eyes light up at the prospect of camping and having a campfire. When camping, we are closer to nature – hearing the sounds of nature and not hearing the technological din of normal life.

Fire is dangerous and is not a toy. But when you take the time to help a boy start a fire and enjoy it, you trust him. You let him interact with that danger and feel dangerous and powerful. He learns to do something in a controlled way. He shares an experience with you. Camping this summer with the cub scout troup was great. We layered down some great memories. We even got to play with fire a little bit.Awesome nature hike. Picked blackberries. Got a tick. Played a game called Scottish Tug-of-war. As much strategy as brute strength – it was a blast!

BTW, two great camp-out recipes gleaned:

1) Cobbler (basically a camping dump-cake). Dutch oven, lined with tin foil. Dump in a can of canned pineapple. Dump a can of cherry pie filling on top of that. Dump in a cake mix on top of that. Slice up a stick of butter in thin pieces over the cake mix. Put the top on the dutch oven and put it over coals and some coals on top (typical Dutch oven cooking). Cook till done. The juices from the fruit mix just right with the cake mix and it is great!

2) Bag omelet. Each person cracks a couple eggs with cheese, meat, veggies, whatever in their own ziplock bag. Write your name on the bag. Seal the bag after squeezing as much air out as possible. Squish the bag wth your fingers for a while to scramble the eggs and mix it all up. Clothes pin the bag to a skewer which is laying across the top of a big pot full of boiling water. Cook till the eggs are done. Eat out of the bag. Throw bag and plastic fork away. Excellent meal, no dishes!


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