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Ephesians 4:1-3

I am interested in passages that talk about taking off and putting on. They seem to overlap with “fruit” passages with also grab my interest. I would like to summarize the big picture of what we take off and what we put on (which I believe is very similar to saying “fruit of the flesh, fruit of the Spirit.” Continue reading


This summer, I┬áread “Chrysalis” by Alan Jamieson.

It is almost cliche to be amazed at the transformation of caterpillar to butterfy, but it is still amazing. I guess I had never quite realized that the caterpillar seems to be completely broken down into goo and then reformed as a butterfly. I did find a Wired article ( citing a study that butterflies remember what they learned as caterpillars, which challenges some notions. The metamorphosis process is amazing.

For some reason, the fact that Monarch butterflies have a wide range of vision – they can see a broad spectrum of light, including infra-red, grabs me. To go from caterpillar to graceful, beautiful, flying, butterfly, with amazing vision of light that humans cannot see – it is amazing.

It is a small book, but it inspired a lot of thought for me. If I can get those thoughts into words, I would like to express some of them here.

Note to self: find another adjective besides “amazing!”

Code Snippets

If you are a developer and use at least Visual Studio 2005, do you use code snippets? Handy little things that complete a chunk of code for you. For example, osInvoke (followed by tab-tab) give you this: Continue reading

Boys Should Play with Fire

There is benefit to a dad doing some dangerous things with his boys. My nine-year-old son’s eyes light up at the prospect of camping and having a campfire. When camping, we are closer to nature – hearing the sounds of nature and not hearing the technological din of normal life. Continue reading

Ten Minutes a Day

Read a story about a guy that had a creative block and decided to compose a one-minute piece of music per day ( I am inpired to try something on a smaller scale. I am going to give it a fair try for the next four weeks to write for ten minutes per day.

I wrestle with the tendency to think out big, wonderful, complicated, amazing, perfect plans and yet not be able to live up to one tenth of the dream and then it all falls apart. I am learning more to play what is in my hand. Make the move that is before me. Do what I can do.

School is starting soon. I will be taking one class this semester. The schedule will go from summer-busy to school-busy but I am looking forward to it.