How to Deal with Annoying People, Chapter 1

Our Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management class is reading through “How to Deal with Annoying People” by Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn. 

Being annoyed is a part of life. We expect others to react like we do but each person has his or her own style. We need to learn the social styles of others or else we will become frustrated. You cannot completely avoid conflict but you can learn what annoys others about you and you about them.

The basis for getting along with people is the Jesus Creed: Love God with all your heart, love others as you love yourselves. To the same degree that we care about and watch out for our own feelings and interests, we should care about and watch out for those of others. The four social styles provides a tool for obeying Jesus’ creed; for loving others as we love ourselves. Understanding the four social styles helps us predict behavior in ourselves and others.


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