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How to Deal with Annoying People, Chapter 3

Discusses the ask/tell and task/relationship aspects of personalities, which mix to make four personality types: analytical, driver, amiable, expressive. (If I am not mistaken, these would relate to Gary Smalley’s beaver, lion, golden retriever, otter)

I am tell/task which makes me a driver. I would so much prefer to be called analytical than driver. Hey – I am a programmer and I think a lot and try to synthesize as much information as possible before making any decision. That seems pretty analytical. Oh well, “driver” it is.

 My wonderful, lovely, lovable wife is amiable (ask/relationship). Is it any wonder we get along so well? I have seen (up close and personal) such relationships be perverted such that the amiable is taken advantage of by the driver. This worries me. I know it is in me to do the same. I hope I support and nourish my amiable wife instead of taking advantage of her.

I think there are many subterranean issues that are not considered in a quick survey such as found in this chapter. I personally struggle with fear and indecision internally. If someone were to quickly stereotype me as a driver they would never realize this about me. Still, such approaches have proved through the years to be interesting ways to think of others and to gain some insight into their behavior.


How to Deal with Annoying People, Chapter 2

What Annoys Us About Others Continue reading

How to Deal with Annoying People, Chapter 1

Our Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management class is reading through “How to Deal with Annoying People” by Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn. 

Being annoyed is a part of life. We expect others to react like we do but each person has his or her own style. We need to learn the social styles of others or else we will become frustrated. You cannot completely avoid conflict but you can learn what annoys others about you and you about them. Continue reading


Taking two classes this semester: 1) Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management, and 2) Greek Exegesis – a book study of Galatians.

I am going to try to make some bullet-point kind of lists a I read the material for the Interpersonal class. They won’t be real reviews but more like thinking out loud about the chapters as I read.

For Whom Would You Vote?

Today I was at a coffee shop. A local TV news crew was asking everyone whom they would vote for if they were at the Iowa caucuses. My best answer was that National Review had picked Romney so I would probably lean that way as well, however Huckabee also looks interesting.

They were also asking people whom they most did not want to win.

I am curious what the readers here would have answered.

I was put on the spot, so I am passing the favor along: If you were to vote in the Iowas caucuses today, for whom would you vote? Why? Who would you most want not to win?

(Posted this as a comment elsewhere but I liked the question so I reposted it here on my own blog.)