es min soo

A friend passed through a city on a road trip. He saw a lighted sign in the distance that proclaimed, “es min soo.” He was curious to know what it meant. As he approached the sign, he realized it was a church sign where some letters fell off (or lights burned out, I don’t remember). The sign was supposed to say, “Jesus is coming soon.” He got to thinking that our lives are like that sign. We ought to communicate Jesus to those who see us. But instead of communicating, “Jesus is coming soon,” is it possible that my life sends a garbled message? Is it possible that the sign of my life, through my actions and attitudes, says, “es min soo?”


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  1. Slightly less demented on

    What a hoot! I used that illustration just this past Sunday!
    Oh, wait, that’s right…I got it from you. In that case, thanks.

  2. bobbyorr on

    It was cool that you used it. The thoughts from the sermon (and some inspired by it) continue with me this week. Sure, I read the Bible and go to church. But does it affect me? Does it make an impact? Am I changing? Did I choose to be less selfish today as a result of knowing God a little more, a little better?

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