A Little Depressed

I am a little depressed. I am tired of being nice and getting walked on. I am tired of taking my time to answer and being rewarded with the assumption I am stupid about the subject at hand, rather than the other person realizing I am being careful and diplomatic in how I frame my response. I am tired of the fact that no matter what, there will always be people around that are unkind and will take advantage you and hurt you. I am tired because I haven’t had enough sleep. I am hurt because our friends moved away – due to wrong being done to them. I am tired of struggling constantly with temptation. I want to see spiritual fruit in my life, but sometimes all I see is anger, bitterness, jealousy, lust, laziness, selfishness.

Maybe tomorrow I will have a more God-centered perspective. But today I am tired and blue.


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  1. trensue on

    Think some days are suppose to be that way. What’s an up if you are never down. I say wallow in it for 24 hours!

  2. bobbyorr on

    LOL! Thank you. I did. Actually, I upgraded from a black mood to a blue mood and then wallowed another 24 hours. The blue sort of fizzled out after dinner and a good time with a friend. If one were to count true friends as wealth, I am rich.

  3. Jason on

    God knows exactly what it takes to conform you to the image of His son, if he has to strip away everything such as he allowed in the case of Job he will do so…. Take comfort in all kinds of Trials….

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