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“Thank God for Dopamine!” 

Great article. Being thankful can be like a drug! I am so weak at it. I am going to make a conscious effort this week to be more thankful.

Today, I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for good authors, like C.S. Forester. I am thankful to be alive when I can write code. Very few jobs could possibly be as enjoyable as designing and writing programs.

 What are you thankful for? Go ahead, give it a try. Give yourself a shot of dopamine! It’s almost as good as a grande breve.


“Today, I need Jesus”

In the book on addictions, one suggestion was to wake up each day and say, “Today I need Jesus because … ” This has been a interesting thing to do. I am usually in the shower before I can put such a thought together – can’t do it the minute I wake up! Today, I need Jesus because Jesus gives hope. He is in heaven. He is the only reason I expect to be there. He will make all of the crazy details of my life actually mean something. He will provide for my needs. My hope is rooted in him.

Colossians 1:1-14 Sermon

I was grateful for an opportunity to preach yesterday. I used Col 1:1-14 as a text and tried to get people to go back in time and think about the significance of what Paul was saying to these believers. The main features I focused on were the chiasm in vv4-8, drawing attention to the middle of verse 6, the triad of faith, hope, love, with Paul’s emphasis on love, and the list of four participles in vv9-14, with the sub-list of three reasons to be thankful to God. Don’t worry, I did not use the words “chiasm” or “triad.” I called the participles “-ing words.”

Title: Deep, Dark Knowledge

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New Look

It’s time for a new look. I am having some trouble with the old theme. Feel free to comment on whether you like the look or not. I think I like the 3-column approach and I think the white background in the middle makes it easy to find the main content. Thoughts?

A Little Depressed

I am a little depressed. I am tired of being nice and getting walked on. I am tired of taking my time to answer and Continue reading