I had listened to a couple stories on tape by Cussler while driving a lot one summer, and I liked the stories. I started “Inca Gold” though, and have given up. I made it through chapter 10, about 25% of the book. How did this guy ever become so popular? Say what you will, the rugged hero – beautiful damsel motif can make a good story. But when the hero is drowning in a sea of macho adjectives while performing an endless string of death-defying feats and takes a break only to be kissed in gratitude by the beautiful damsel that just can’t help herself…

 I like the movie “Sahara.” If I ever need a Dirk Pitt fix, I will watch that.

 I feel kind of silly reading novels anyway. No lasting benefit. But they do help calm the mind down during lunch break. I will have to find an author that works with a little thicker cardboard for characters next time.


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  1. mlm on

    Have you ever read Cussler’s NAVIGATOR? It has some very interesting takes on biblical history (sons of Solomon and Sheba). Yes, it takes a while to get into Cussler’s books, and if you’re tired or don’t have time or are looking for mind-numbing distraction, he’s not the way to go. But I like Cussler because his books are more “thinking books” when compared to the usual thriller. I read Ludlum, Flynn, Silva, and all are good. But Cussler mixes in history and actual underwater research stuff that lets me live vicariously a bit. Pitt’s not bad either. :o) Funny, I didn’t like movie Sahara. The book was MUCH better. FYI: I found your blog from your comment on Denny Burk’s site in defense of Bryan L regarding Dr. York’s blog post. I liked what you said and clicked your link.

  2. bobbyorr on

    Thanks, mlm. I have enjoyed reading a number of posts on your blog – I need to drop by and repay the favor of a comment.

    I listened to a couple of Cussler stories on CD and really enjoyed them. He brought in elements of diplomacy and international intrigue. Don’t remember the titles right off hand, but they were stories with a bit of thinking. I might try him again, but it won’t be Inca Gold 😉

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