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I had listened to a couple stories on tape by Cussler while driving a lot one summer, and I liked the stories. I started “Inca Continue reading


Terminal Man

Finished “Terminal Man” by Crichton. It was painful to read. It was written the 70’s. Personal Computers did not yet exist. Continue reading

Oft-Ignored Commands, Col 2:7

We are told to overflow with thankfulness. Being thankful is a great outlook and a great orientation in life. It is easy to key in on some commands and ignore others, like this one.

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Capitalization Rules

I would like to be more consistent in capitalizing my headlines. I tend to forget which words not to capitalize.

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Circumcised in Heart, Col 2:11

The outward behavior was never and is never God’s main goal for us. It is the heart. This is where the rules-based legalists who want to control others by constantly boycotting, changing laws, and the like miss the whole point. God wants our heart. We should interact with others at the level of the heart, not simply at their behavior. Not that behavior doesn’t matter; it does. But behavior comes from the heart. Worry about the root, and the leaf will follow.

Someday when I’m perfect…

Great quote in the LifeChange study for Colossians (pp54-55). They quote William Law dealing with the idea that if we were in some other state, then we would be better people than we are now. The passage ends thus:

Let us not vainly say that if we had  lived in the days of our Lord, we would have followed him, or that if we could work miracles, we would devote ourselves to his glory. To follow Christ as far as we can in our present state and do all we are able for his glory is as acceptable to him as if we were working miracles in his name…

We must reckon ourselves no further as living like Christians than we live like Christ.

Christian Unity, Col 2:1-3

At the end of Col 1, Paul is working hard, harnessing Christ’s energy. At the beginning of chapter 2, he is agonizing for many believers he has never met. His goal is Christian unity: “My goal is that they will be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have full confidence because they have complete understanding of God’s secret plan, which is Christ himself.” (Col 2:2, NLT)

“I struggle with Christ’s Energy” (Col 1:29)

There is a paradox in working with/for God. On the one hand, he does the work. We can’t do it – we aren’t able. Yet, we still have to work. For example, self control is a fruit of the Spirit. I can’t squint and grunt and claw myself Continue reading

Five Times as Much

John Gottman (Why Marriages Succeed or Fail) claims that successful marriages tend to fall into one of three conflict resolution modes: validating, conflict-avoiding, or volatile. Surprising though it may be, any of the three can be valid patterns. He has found that a rule-of-thumb formula for marriage success is this: a successful marriage has five times as many positive as negative moments together. (p29)

Christ’s Body

The church is Christ’s body. In Col 1:24, Paul ties the suffering of God’s people, the church, into Christ’s physical suffering while here on earth.

24Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.