Odd and Even

This is a well-known programming fact, but since it came up today and I had to double check the C# syntax:

If you have many iterations in a loop, and you want to know if the current number is odd or even, the easiest and most natural way to tell is probably the modulus operator. However, that requires division. Computers are faster at addition and multiplication than they are at subtraction and division. Bitwise operations are also faster and easier for the computer than division. Therefore, a bitwise AND to 1 is the faster and more efficient way to tell if a number is odd or even. C# example:

for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
     result = String.Format(“{0} is even”, i);
     if ((i & 1)==1)
          result =
String.Format(“{0} is odd”, i);


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