Addictions and Lies

Without lies, there would be no addictions. We have to tell ourselves lies in order to practice an addiction. Examples of lies:

  • God doesn’t see this
  • I can’t help it
  • I am going to screw up anyway, might as well get it over with
  • I can’t control my emotions, I need something to calm my nerves
  • This will help me have a better day
  • There will not be any long-term consequences from this
  • This will make me happy
  • God is withholding something from me
  • It is more painful to do the right thing
  • I deserve this in some way
  • It isn’t sin


  • God is always with me and he sees everything, good and bad
  • God will provide a way of escape
  • God can give strength and lead from the valley to the mountain
  • The Lord can use a tough time to make me stronger
  • It will be a better day in the end if I stay strong
  • There are always long-term consequences from sin
  • Jesus died because of sin
  • It won’t make me happy. On the contrary, it will make me irritable and frustrated with myself and others.
  • How can the God who did not even withhold his own son’s life hold anything back from me? He may not give me everything I want but it is not because he isn’t good or loving.
  • It is more painful, in the long run, to do the wrong thing. There is less pain in righteousness than in my sin.
  • I don’t deserve this
  • I am being selfish
  • It is sin.

Phil 4 talks about what to think about and what to do. Some good verses about truth and about God providing.


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