Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, Chapter 5

This chapter is about speaking the truth in love: confronting an addict. Most addicts will not confess and forsake their sin on their own. Most need to be confronted. Advice is given for preparing to confront various members of the family. Interventions are simply church discipline rediscovered in the secular realm. An intervention is not the last hope. If the first one doesn’t work, you will remain patient and keep loving the person and keep seeking the Lord.

A couple pieces of advice: look for ways to touch the person’s conscience when confonting them. One-on-one, don’t be persuaded to keep secrets. If someone in the family needs help, at least you can seek help, even if they refuse to. Church discipline may be needed. (My comment: this is a very, very important piece of advice. This is a corrective to overemphasizing submission and the church implicitly aiding in domestic abuse.)

He emphasizes that submission has its limits (pp 111-112). The church needs to take care of those who in physical danger. He implies that years of neglect and abuse are essentially equivalent to abandonment and thus may possibly be grounds for divorce.

Also, it is a Christian myth that change is an event. Growth is a process. It will take time and patience. It is an ongoing battle. We need daily exhortation.


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