Phil 3:8 Valuable and Not Valuable

I am going through the NavPress LifeChange study for Philippians.

I like the emphasis of one of the questions about Phil 3:8. Here is a list of things that are valuable (from 1:9-11, 18, 23-26, 2:2-4, 17):
love, knowledge, understanding, pure and blameless lives, fruit of salvation, God’s glory, the gospel, living for Christ, dying and being with Christ, others’ growth, unity, love, working together, unselfishness, humility, putting others first, other’s faith and service.

Here is a list of unvaluable things (from 1:12-18, 23-24, 3:4-8, 4:11-13):
suffering, jail (including guards and chains and restricted freedom), others’ wrong motives, others hurting us, staying alive, our own accomplishments.

If I truly shared Paul’s value system, I would probably spend less time worrying about my own accomplishments and more time with friends.


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