I am seeing the conflict between the effort of our flesh and the fruit of the Spirit everywhere I turn. Lingenfelter concludes Ministering Cross-Culturally by stating that we enter and learn another culture for ministry not through the strenght of the flesh, but the power of the Spirit.

The flesh is such a battle partly because we want to do something. But if there is anything we can do, it is to exercise faith. Of course, faith itself comes from God. But just as those under the law worked to gain approval (and of course an attitude of faith mattered there, too) we have faith in Jesus who saves us and gives us the Spirit. Gal 3 – works didn’t start you on this journey and they won’t finish it for you. Faith started it, and you will continue in faith.

The flesh seems so powerful and the fruit of the Spirit so fragile and quiet. I think part of faith is that we grab hold of walking in the Spirit and hang on as if holding on to a rope for dear life. It won’t always make sense. But if we trust ourselves to it, it will hold.  


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