Channel9 did a video about branching with Brian Keller, of Team Foundation Server. 

Thinking about branching raised some questions for me about managing a project with semi-regular releases. I didn’t come up with any firm conclusions yet, but here are some quick notes I made to myself while watching the video.

Isolation Spaces

1) if you are working on v2 and v3 simultaneously, you want to branch
if you will finish v2, then do v3, you don’t need to create a branch

2) working by teams is another isolation space

don’t want code base to diverge too far from each other

3) features – build a feature but you don’t know when you will want to have it

continuous integration: always making sure that your check-ins will allow the system to build

“feature complete” vs. “code comlete:” before you merge back into the main branch, it must be feature complete. This means that the coding, testing, and documentation are complete and the feature is ready to ship.

They create a main release branch.

Three different branch models:

1) Branch by release
2) Branch by team
3) Branch by purpose


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