Understanding People, Introduction

Crabb lays out three assumptions, around which the book is organized:

  1. If properly approached, the Bible is sufficient to provide a framework for thinking through every question a counselor needs to ask;
  2. Relationship with Christ provides resources that are utterly indispensable in substantially resolving every psychological (i.e., non-organically caused) problem;
  3. The community of God’s people functioning together in biblical relationship is the intended context for understanding and living out God’s answers to life’s problems.

I have come to believe that careful reflection about human behavior and thought processes will yield helpful information that is not necessary addressed or introduced in Scripture. I think I would have more loosely coupled Christian counseling to the Bible than Dr. Crabb has, but perhaps he will show me a “more excellent way.”

Question: is the Bible alone sufficient to enlighten us about all of mankinds psychological problems?


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