Understanding People, 1: How Do We Know What to Believe?

Dr. Crabb believes that the Bible is both authoritative and sufficient for the biblical counselor.

There are four ways of knowing:

  1. Intuition, something just seems right
  2. Reason, as in rationalism – the belief that my understanding is the final authority
  3. Experience: the empiricist demands a body of evidence
  4. Revelation

Intuition may be helpful, but more is available. Reason runs into a roadblock when two reasonalble people disagree. The empericist can only report data and generalize about problems. She can only say what is, not what should be. Empericism can’t point the way to moral truth. Empiricists can never be certain. Empiricists can only study what they see. But many phenomina are not visible, i.e., love, meaning, joy, grief, etc.
Revelation is the necessary basis of our knowledge.


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