Cross-Cultural Connections, 2

Chapter two is about my part in God’s story.

No matter where I am, I can use my abilities to serve the Lord. He has an interesting breakdown of what a villiage of 1,000 people would look like if it represented the world’s population.

  • 206 Chinese
  • 167 Indian
  • 79 Central and South America
  • 50 from former Soviet Union
  • 51 North America
  • 45 Western European
  • 33 Indonesian

Out of the 1,000 people, the 114 N. Americans, Europeans, and Japanes (around 11 percent of the population) would hold 90% of the wealth. Wow! That one hits me in the gut. Surely, if I were in that situation, I would want to share with others… Wait! I AM in that situation…


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