Cross-Cultural Connections, 1

Why read this book?

Elmer tells of a monkey who helped a fish by leaning out over the water, at some risk to the monkey, and pulling the fish to the safety of the island.

 He asks four parallels between us and the monkey. Here are my first thoughts. Like the monkey, as we enter a new culture, we are different from others, even if we are well-meaning. It is possible for us to completely misunderstand real plights vs. imagined plights of others. If we don’t have some outside insight, we might do real damage to others. All of this is possible while we breathe a sigh of satisfaction that we have come here to help our fellow humans.

 He adds that the monkey had courage and zeal. The monkey assumed that what was dangerous for the monkey was dangerous for the fish, and what was good for the monkey was good for the fish.

 A doctor in training might feel that people are dying every day, yet the student remains in school. He/she just isn’t ready yet to save lives. We don’t want to actually put a stumbling block in the way of people who might otherwise come to Jesus.


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