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Cross-Cultural Connections, Section Three: Attitudes and Skills for Cultural Adjustment

Section Three addresses Attitudes and suggests some skills for adjusting to other cultures. It specifically talks about the attitudes of openness, acceptance, and trust. It then introduces six skills with acronyms. Continue reading


Understanding People, 1: How Do We Know What to Believe?

Dr. Crabb believes that the Bible is both authoritative and sufficient for the biblical counselor. Continue reading

Understanding People, Introduction

Crabb lays out three assumptions, around which the book is organized: Continue reading

Understanding People, Preface

Understanding People: Deep Longings for Relationship, by Dr. Larry Crabb.

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Cross-Cultural Connections, Section Two: Dealing with the New and Different

Chapters four through eight comprise section two: “Dealing with the New and Different.”

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Desiring God, 10: Suffering

Richard Wurmbrand was beaten, imprisoned, and persecuted by Communists for fourteen years. It deeply affected Piper’s life when Piper heard Wurmbrand discussing how Jesus chose suffering.

Some people feel that Christians have a good life, even if it all turns out to be a hoax. However, Paul stated that if Christ

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Cross-Cultural Connections, 3: Right, Wrong, and Different

Elmer learned early on to categorize behavior mostly as either right or wrong, with some few practices being allowed of others that was simply different. Without realizing it, most of us tend to view ourselves as right and others as wrong, with a little room for things that are simply different. He states the importance of keeping the categories of right and wrong – of not becoming cultural relativists. Yet, our initial stance toward another culture should be as a learner, not as a correcter. As a correcter, we, along with the monkey, are likely to fix by force something that doesn’t need fixing. Learn first, don’t correct first.

Cross-Cultural Connections, 2

Chapter two is about my part in God’s story.

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Cross-Cultural Connections, 1

Why read this book?

Elmer tells of a monkey who helped a fish by leaning out over the water, at some risk to the monkey, and pulling the fish to the safety of the island.

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Woohoo, School!

I am back in Seminary, taking two classes this semester. Intercultural Ministry, and Counseling in the Local Church. I will try to blog Through some of the required reading, starting with “Cross-Cultural Connections” by Duane Elmer.