Virtual Grids and OnCellMouseEnter events

Quick view: Changing the image in a DataGridViewImageCell to make it  act more like a button.

I have a datagridview in an interface that I am working on. (.NET 2.0) I didn’t see how to easily put an image in the DataGridViewButtonColumn so I chose to use a DataGridViewImageColumn and handle the click event for the cell as if it were a button.  I made two images for the “button,” one normal and one with a gold highlighted edge to use when OnCellMouseEnter fires.  But I could not get the image to respond to the OnCellMouseEnter event. I rechecked all the little details, making sure I was setting the right property (.value) to change the image, using the right column and row, etc.

 It finally occurred to me that the developer who originally made the gridview made it virtual. A ha! Virtual mode acts differently. So I got a little creative to keep track of the last cell that the mouse entered, and then changed the image in OnValueNeeded.

In retrospect, it is as easy as saying that virtual grids require you to use CellValueNeeded.


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