Mutiny On Board the HMS Bounty, #2

We continue to read Mutiny. I take it the captain was a jerk. He ordered a man to be whipped with 24 lashes when 6 would have done. He tricks the natives into thinking he is doing them a favor when in reality, he is taking their breadfruit plants for his own advantage. He is rude to the natives. He makes some men who are suffering with scurvey continue working since it is their own fault they are sick – they didn’t follow rations like they should. Also, he makes the men fiddle and dance for two hours every night – this keeps them fit. I think I would resent the intrusion to tell me I have to sing and dance. Isn’t that supposed to be something you do for fun?

I am beginning to think that the version of the story where he had it coming are true!


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