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Virtual Grids and OnCellMouseEnter events

Quick view: Changing the image in a DataGridViewImageCell to make it  act more like a button.

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Forgiveness, Repentance

What do you do with someone who hurts you on an ongoing basis and never repents?

DateTime Best Practices

Dan Rogers wrote a paper in 2004 about DateTime best practices. (Edit: I updated the link.) Here are some interesting points.

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Mutiny On Board the HMS Bounty, #2

We continue to read Mutiny. I take it the captain was a jerk. He ordered a man to be whipped with 24 lashes when 6 would have done. He tricks the natives into thinking he is doing them a favor when in reality, he is taking their breadfruit plants for his own advantage. He is rude to the natives. He makes some men who are suffering with scurvey continue working since it is their own fault they are sick – they didn’t follow rations like they should. Also, he makes the men fiddle and dance for two hours every night – this keeps them fit. I think I would resent the intrusion to tell me I have to sing and dance. Isn’t that supposed to be something you do for fun?

I am beginning to think that the version of the story where he had it coming are true!

Mutiny On Board the HMS Bounty

Our new book is about the mutiny on the Bounty. I have always heard about it but never read it. That is one of the great things about reading children’s classics to your kid(s): You get a second chance at the classics! I didn’t realize that the story is supposedly true and from the journals of Bligh. Of course, there are other versions that exist that make Bligh out to be the villian. Two different perspectives, depending upon the side of the story. Strange, no? 🙂

White Fang, Reflection

We finished White Fang the other night. White Fang was treated roughly all his youth and learned to fight in order to survive. Nobody was gentle or caring to him. When someone finally bought him who loved and cared for him, it took him a while to be able to love in return. At first, his new owner kept him in a cage but realized that the cage was making him crazy. So he let Fang go to see what would happen. Then the man-animal slowly earned the wolf’s affection. Eventually, through love and kind treatement, White Fang risked his own life in order to save the lives of his family.

 This a great picture of Grace. Jesus loves us and cares about us. He doesn’t cage us in with rules. He treats us kindly and draws us to himself – not for his benefit but for ours!

Amusing Ourselves to Death, Chapter 1: The Medium Is the Metaphor

The form of public discource in American culture has changed from print to image. How has the content also changed? Postman writes in order to discuss this question. 
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